Atmospheric angular momentum real-time service

The AAM computed by interolating forecast of the operational numerical weather model GEOS-FP provided by the NASA GMAO.

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# AAM_TABLE   Format Version of 2015.11.30
Generated_by: AAM_FCS_INTRP  Version of 2015.08.12
Generated_on: 2017.09.20-19:27:17
Data_source:  GEOSadas-5_16_5_p7_OPS
Data_title:   3d,3-Hourly,Instantaneous,Model-Level,Forecast Fields (wind,temperature)
Assimilation_start_date:      2015.07.20-12:00:00.000 MJD: 57223 TAI: 43200.
Assimilation_end_date:        2017.09.20-12:00:00.000 MJD: 58016 TAI: 43200.
Forecast_end_date:            2017.09.23-00:00:00.000 MJD: 58019 TAI:     0.
Request_date:                 2017.09.20-23:27:49.667 MJD: 58016 TAI: 84470.
Forecast_age:                  11.5 hours
AAM_Mass_term_noIB_I13=        4.79662D+27 kg/m^2
AAM_Mass_term_noIB_I23=        3.15976D+29 kg/m^2
AAM_Mass_term_noIB_I33=        1.42112D+32 kg/m^2
AAM_Mass_term_IB_I13=         -1.77724D+28 kg/m^2
AAM_Mass_term_IB_I23=          3.08137D+29 kg/m^2
AAM_Mass_term_IB_I33=          1.42004D+32 kg/m^2
AAM_Motion_term_H1=           -9.26534D+23 kg/(s*m^2)
AAM_Motion_term_H2=           -1.34739D+24 kg/(s*m^2)
AAM_Motion_term_H3=            1.23746D+26 kg/(s*m^2)
Excitation_function_noIB_EF1= -5.75656D-08 1/s
Excitation_function_noIB_EF2=  1.20718D-06 1/s
Excitation_function_noIB_EF3=  1.51522D-06 1/s
Excitation_function_IB_EF1=   -1.51851D-07 1/s
Excitation_function_IB_EF2=    1.17445D-06 1/s
Excitation_function_IB_EF3=    1.51409D-06 1/s

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